Giles Bryant & The Perpetual Choirs

Giles is an international-travelling singer and musician, whose concerts awaken a sacred energy focused on world peace. This recording was made at the Yoga Centre in Eastbourne, on Saturday, April 18th 2015.

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Giles in concert ( 29.30 mins) > Click to View (mp4)

Anima in concert

"Powerful and hauntingly beautiful", Anima's music is infused with sacred energy and inspirational lyrics; blending ethereal vocals, crystal bowls and flutes with didgeridoo, medicine drums and guitar, amidst spacious soundscapes and deep fluid textures. Their music soothes, heals and uplifts the heart through its deep sacredness and nurturing sounds.  Filmed at their album launch concert at The Seekers Trust.  You can listen to track samples of Anima's music and order albums through their website

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Touch the Earth

The fabulous Touch the Earth’s amazing concert at the Leaf Hall Community Arts Centre, Eastbourne, England, performed on Saturday, October 16th 2010. There they were joined by the equally enchanting dancers of Tribal Unity. Touch the Earth make music to touch the soul and free the spirit. Beautiful ballads to wild dance with Native American flutes, didgeridoo, drums, fiddle and guitar.

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Part Two (46
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The KIRTAN CONCERT with Narayani & Jason Kalidas  (1hr 25 mins)

The third in the series of World Music Concerts
at the Leaf Hall Arts Centre, Seaside, Eastbourne featured the
meditative and ecstatic Sanskrit chants led by Narayani’s deeply resonant voice and Jason’s dynamic Tabla rhythms. Kirtan is an ancient and effective yogic practice of singing together to open the heart and connect to the Self.

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TURIYA Concert

The full concert performed by Turiya at the Leaf Hall Community Arts Centre, Eastbourne, England in 2010, A healing and inspirational journey of sacred sound from one of the world's leading spiritual music bands.

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Voices that Carry  (35.54 mins)

The group, Voices that Carry performing at '2010, An Inner Space Odyssey' held at Hourne Farm, Crowborough, East Sussex, on Saturday, June 26th 2010.

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At-Ma Concert 2010

The full programme of the At Ma concert held at the Leaf Hall Community Arts Centre, Eastbourne on Saturday, June 19th. If you were there relive the magic, if this is your first viewing prepare for a treat.

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Rediscovering Sound   (5.28 mins)

In October 2010, Russell Stone will be going to Tanzania to begin his project of seeking out cultures that still have a strong oral tradition in order to broaden his knowledge of the ancient techniques of sounding that he is rediscovering.

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Legends of the Underworld  (4.35 mins) 

Performed in North London at the Bernie Grant Centre, Legends of the Underground is an out of this world theatrical experience conceptualised by an A-list collaborative team featuring the best of Europe's dancers, music producers and Hollywood's best concept designers. In an eclectic blend of artforms including music, 3D animation (3D glasses included) and dance, this production is narrated by actor Colin Salmon and fuses jazz dance with classical ballet, b-boying, popping and locking.

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Punit Yaatri and BrainHeart Music  (23.54 mins)

In this his first ever recorded interview, music composer Punit Yaatri speaks openly about his spiritual journey and shares insights into how he channels powerful healing music from the Angelic Realms - music that, since its arrival, has had some quite significant results in the physical world.  This music is called BrainHeart Music.  BrainHeart Music is a pioneering new wave of music therapy designed to synchronise the activity of the brain and heart whilst experiencing states of deep peace and clarity. This “brainheart connection” produces a highly beneficial health state called “coherence”. This is now being acknowledged by medical doctors and scientists as an essential pre-requisite for enhanced physiological function within the mind and body.

BrainHeart Music is incredibly powerful because it contains certain audible frequencies whose vibrations stimulate both sides of the brain individually and then travel up the corpus callosum - the soft tissue situated in the central brain that connects the left and right hemispheres.

There are many benefits to listening to BrainHeart Music. It may be helpful to consider it as ‘sound nutrition’. The music is proving to be particularly helpful to those with brain injuries, speech problems and those on the autistic spectrum. Often the parts of the brain stimulated by the music may previously have been dormant. One Scottish healthcare organisation uses BrainHeart Music and has witnessed phenomenal results with children. The music is also being used by forward thinking teachers in mainstream education as a tool to create calm classroo

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  Sounding the Earth Grid : Re-singing the Songlines 
(1hr 22mins)

Carolin Comberti, specialist academic and practitioner in the teaching of singing and the use of sound demonstrates that science has rediscovered the harmonic and geometric energy grid surrounding the planet and ways to interact with cosmic forces to affect positive changes to the environment in co-creation with the natural world. 

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Performance with Unstructured Light
  (37mins 18 sec)

A mesmerising performance of Song, Music, Dance and Poetry at the newly opened Orassy Kendron Centre in London on 30th November 2008 by the multi-disclinary theatre company, Unstructured Light. 
Mongolian overtoning, classical indian music, mystical Sufi poetry by Rumi and a unique form of dance create a space where one can experience new dimensions of awareness.
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Theresa Matthew  
(2mins 51 sec)

Theresa is a Singer/Songwriter/Musician working with the healing power of Sacred Music and an Elder Shaman here on earth resurrecting Ancient Knowledge.   She creates Sacred Spaces combining deep spiritual meditations with the vibrant living energy of sacred music and chants
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ANIMA   (16.39 Mins)

The music of Ali Calderwood and Daniela Broder has been created with the intention of healing, alignment and connection and has been inspired by the vision of assisting others into a conscious awakening.    (See Events for their next performance dates)

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Unstructured Light (23.42 mins) 

Unstructured Light is a multi-disciplinary theatre group. It was founded on the concept of searching for the common factors between song, music, dance, drama and poetry through self exploration and self development techniques. These include meditation, yoga, bio-energy training, group dynamics and communication skills. The performances which evolved were a result of the fusion between these performing arts and the higher awareness training.   An in-depth interview with members of the group.                                                                                                                  

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Indigo Eye in concert (1hr 04 mins)

  East/West fusion band featuring sitar, tabla, keyboards, violin, udu, bodhran, guitars, vocals and
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Lucinda Drayton of Bliss  (12.54 mins)

'Bliss have a gift from God. Just as musical instruments produce music, in the same way they produce music to enable souls to connect to God. Their music is not just for entertainment, but allows each one to experience peace, love, purity, happiness and power' 

Dadi Janki (world renowned spiritual leader)                 

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Touch the Earth in concert  (1hr 28 mins)

A live performance of Touch the Earth in concert at the Canterbury Centre.

Review: Touch the Earth concert is more than sound

'There was something profound about Touch the Earth’s recent concert; it comes not just from the music and words or that atmosphere created by the ancient walls of what was once a Canterbury church. To describe it accurately I will use the word ‘spellbound’ because that is what the audience felt.  A vibration of pure energy gathers one up, the flutes, violin, guitar, didge, drummers and singers are part of this surrealism – the essence is pure spirit.

One could be in heaven surrounded by angelic chants, or deep in an ancient temple, or even standing on a sacred site. There is a feeling of the divine, a mystical connection with the vast unseen. The music has that effect revealing to the inner consciousness infinite oneness with the universe.

A friend said to me at the concert, "no recording can give you the real feeling of being here". That is true; the church now turned into the Canterbury Centre has a mystical atmosphere, allowing sound to echo as if the music was detached from the musicians and singer giving it a life of its own. And while the darkness of the venue makes filming difficult it also plays on one’s sight - were the audience the only ones present at that all inspiring performance...?'

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Wishing Pool in concert  (5. 04 mins)

Opening the above concert at the Canterbury Centre were Wishing Pool, their performance uses the sound of quartz bowls and electric guitar creating amazing deep space sounds. 

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