Stillness (3.23 mins)

Chloe Rose is a visionary who's purpose is to change the world for good- to bring back light, love and harmony into the hearts of humanity. In this video clip, she talks about the importance of stillness; making time to give oneself the opportunity to still and replenish. Find Chloe here

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Cheaya's Peace Prayer (5.38 mins)

CHEAYA is a beautiful, spiritual teacher who holds sacred space for self-empowerment and spiritual development by bringing through higher knowledge and esoteric teachings which connect us with our divine selves and the divinity of life.  Click here for future events.


Master Charles Cannon & The Synchronicity Experience

A modern mystic and spiritual visionary, he is the originator of the Synchronicity Experience which is a revolutionary, empirically validated system of modern spirituality based on sonic technology embedded in musical CD’s that balances the brain hemispheres and delivers a precision meditative experience. 
He is also the Spiritual Director of Synchronicity Foundation, and author of the spiritual autobiography, The Bliss of Freedom. He is an ordained monk of the Vedic / Tantric tradition and for many years, was closely associated with Paramahansa Muktananda, one of the most acknowledged Eastern mystics of the modern era who directed him to return to the west and modernize the orthodox system of meditation and holistic lifestyle that he imparted. 

In this interview, he talks about Holistic Lifestyle, Contemporary Hi-Tech Meditation, why it is time for a New God, and 2012. For further information visit

During a visit to the UK in 2008, Master Charles presented a public talk at BAFTA, London where he gave
an overview of the Synchronicity Experience, including an experience of Hi-Tech Meditation.

Woodland Journey (19.13 mins)

A nature meditation created by Fountain International. This is on a free DVD that also includes a film about Fountain's work (click here to view film) and features interviews with Colin Bloy, David Icke, Hamish Miller, Paul Broadhurst, Mollie Hegarty, Joy Byner, Chris Street and Alan Peskett amongst others and filming and photography that has taken place at sacred sites throughout the world.   It is obtainable through their website at