Tantra - Love Consciousness  (documentary film)

The word Tantra evokes everything from spirituality to the erotic. But our purpose in making this documentary is to explore another concept, the idea that love can change consciousness. That Tantra may be more than a pleasurable pursuit; one that creates energy that changes the way we think and act. Effectively, a way that could stop wars, which could bring a greater realisation of our role in nature and reveal our true essence as a Soul. Tantra has been taught as a yogic art for thousands of years, originating in the East; it is now becoming accepted in the West. 

This path of transformation has roots going back to shamanic traditions. In Tantra, the Holistic Channel meet teachers on this path, and has been invited to attend workshops, to see first hand how Tantra not only embraces pleasure, but also more importantly, opens the mind to higher awareness of our spiritual purpose. It is an exploration that takes us deeper as Tantra accepts that sacred sexual energy is the key to human change and our ultimate route to higher consciousness. 

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