Satish Kumar  (43.16 mins)

On February 19th 2015, the Holistic Channel visited the activist and editor of Resurgence & Ecologist magazine, Satish Kumar, at the Schumacher College in Devon. A former Jain Monk, nuclear disarmament advocate and pacifist, he now lives permanently in England and continues his strong belief that the only way to a peaceful world is to follow the teachings of Gandhi, in promoting none violence.

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Satish Kumar - Schumacher College (10.35 mins)

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Inspirations For a More Meaningful Life

Chloe Rose is a visionary who's purpose is to change the world for good- to bring back light, love and harmony into the hearts of humanity. In this video clip, she encourages you to see all change as a healthy way to growth, for it is through this that we can get a clearer understanding of ourselves. Find Chloe here

Embrace change, as you grow into who you choose to be (2.42 mins): > Click to view MP4

You are so loved (2.56 mins):  > Click to view MP4

Realise that you are worthy & you are precious (6.18 mins):  > Click to view MP4

What gives us purpose in life? (11.26 mins): > Click to view MP4

Tess Burrows & The South Pole Race

Tess Burrows and Pete Hammond were two of the competitors in last year's South Pole Race, covering 426 miles to the magnetic pole. It is now just one hundred years since the great explorers, Roald Amundsen and Robert Scott sledged across the vast wastes of snow and ice, to be the first to get to this isolated spot. Tess was the guest speaker at a Holistic Channel  lecture given at the Leaf Hall Community Arts Centre, Eastbourne, England on Saturday, October 9th 2010. This is a remarkable account of their adventure raising funds for the charity Climb for Tibet and sending out peace messages from high places around the planet.  They plan to climb to the summit of Mt Kilimanjaro next year and invite everyone including school children to send them peace messages to speak out from the Roof of Africa.                                                                                                                                                                  

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An Interview with Cate MacKenzie  (13.24 mins

Cate MacKenzie comes from an extraordinary family, her father was a foreign correspondent, her mother a professional photographer and her grandmother wrote many of the early television ‘soaps’. From this privileged vantage point, she has developed a fascinating insight into the way the media influences our modern society.

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Radical Awakening -
Amoda Maa Jeevan

  Amoda Maa Jeevan is an Author, International Speaker and Global Spiritual Messenger whose message
  of Radical Awakening is attracting a growing audience world-wide. She has been listed as one of
  today's "modern mystics", a "living spiritual visionary" and "a master of heart-based living". Her book
  "How to Find God in Everything" has been rated as the 3rd most life-changing book of 2008 and
   as "one of the best metaphysical books of recent times".

  Having been a teacher of "heart-awakening" and "personal transformation" workshops and retreats for
  over 10 years and yet still searching for a deeper meaning, in 2002 Amoda had an experience that totally changed her life and gave her the keys to the transformation from suffering to joy. Today, her mission is to inspire and empower others to become active agents of change by transforming their lives
                         from the inside out.  http://

Talk given by Amoda - Your True Spiritual Power :  > Windows Media Player

Interview with Amoda on the Bridging Heaven and Earth Show
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Simon Peter Fuller - 'Non-Duality: the final truth and ultimate understanding' (1hr 04Mins)

" The concept of one-ness is on everyone's lips these days, yet religious and New Age dualistic teachings about choice, free will, responsibility, effort, volition, etc. simply inflate ego and intensify separation.  By contrast the very nature of Unity consciousness is itself the proof that in a world of one-ness no separate "ego-self" can possibly exist!  As impersonal instruments of the collective Divine Will, our only option is graceful acceptance in every detail of our unique, but destined role within the precisely choreographed play of life - where all is already "known and created".  The search for liberation ends here!  As long prophesized, a critical mass is destined to achieve mastery in these times of the second coming of Christ consciousness, so let us explore this, the most ancient philosophy of all known as "the final truth and ultimate understanding".   (Click here to purchase this DVD)   

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Simon Peter Fuller - 'From duality to non-duality thinking'  (56.42 mins)

In whatever way you interpret End Times prophecies, it is all too clear with each passing day - and now with the global financial meltdown! - that every detail of life on this planet is already undergoing profound and permanent change. Yet all works out in this 'multidimensional holographic reality' precisely as it needs to, while we each individually fulfill our destined life blueprints. Our challenge, therefore, is not fear, but to reach clarity and awareness of the process of this transformation from a detached, observational perspective and with a surrendered ego! Simon Peter Fulleridentifies the opposing polarities currently unfolding within duality between the lower frequencies of fear, control and conspiracy and our innate spiritual essence within unity consciousness. This is the path of Self-realization and Enlightenment that leads us out of apparent 'worldly' chaos and back to the inner Divine connection that we thought we had lost, but have merely overlooked! The Second Coming of Christ consciousness within is revealed.   
(Click here to purchase this DVD)     
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Ring of Truth - Linda Angelis  (57.15 mins)

A personal journey of inspiration - enchanting songs, poetry and spiritual purpose.  Filmed in beautiful locations with the intention to inspire a higher purpose.  The video takes you into a world of ancient beauty, truth and harmony, showing how the inner life can become more magical than the outer.  Linda feels assistance from angels and the spirits of nature where many listeners have experienced a healing energy when they hear her sing. 


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An Afternoon with Linda Angelis (46.36 mins)

Linda Angelis is a fountain of inspiration, drawn from her popularity both as an actress and singer. Her career has taken her all over the world, sharing the stage with numerous other famous artists, but it is her search for spiritual truth that is her real magic, an insight that makes talking with her a memorable experience.                                                                        

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Climb for Tibet  (2.10 mins)

This short film produced by Malcolm Stewart and edited by Chris Stevens reveals the couragous endeavour of four people to climb the world's highest mountain. View below an interview with Tess Burrows and learn what inspires her to 'Climb for Tibet'.

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Cry From The Highest Mountain  (31.22 mins)

Tess Burrows is an extraordinary person, who has climbed the world's highest mountain and trekked to the North Pole, carrying peace messages which were read out there from people all over the world.  Her greatest concern is for the suffering and despair of the people of Tibet for whom she has a great affinity.
(This interview is also available on DVD from our Shop)            

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