Simon Peter Fuller - 'Non-duality: the final truth and ultimate understanding (1Hr. 04Mins)

The concept of 'one-ness' is on everyone's lips these days, yet religious and New Age dualistic teachings about choice, freewill, responsibility, effort, volition, etc simply inflate ego and intensify separation. By contrast the very nature of Unity consciousness is itself the proof that in a world on one-ness no separate 'ego-self- can possibly exist ! As impersonal instruments of the collective Divine Will, our only option is graceful acceptance in every detail of our unique, but destined role within the precisely choreographed play of life - where all is already 'known and created'. The search for liberation ends here ! As long prophesied, a critical mass is destined to achieve Mastery in these times of the second coming of Christ Consciousness, so let us explore this, the most ancient philosophy of all known as the 'final truth and ultimate understanding.

Simon Peter Fuller - 'From duality to non-duality thinking'  (56.42 mins)

In whatever way you interpret End Times prophecies, it is all too clear with each passing day - and now with the global financial meltdown! - that every detail of life on this planet is already undergoing profound and permanent change. Yet all works out in this 'multidimensional holographic reality' precisely as it needs to, while we each individually fulfill our destined life blueprints. Our challenge, therefore, is not fear, but to reach clarity and awareness of the process of this transformation from a detached, observational perspective and with a surrendered ego! Simon Peter Fulleridentifies the opposing polarities currently unfolding within duality between the lower frequencies of fear, control and conspiracy and our innate spiritual essence within unity consciousness. This is the path of Self-realization and Enlightenment that leads us out of apparent 'worldly' chaos and back to the inner Divine connection that we thought we had lost, but have merely overlooked! The Second Coming of Christ consciousness within is revealed.   

Yoga, A Way of Life with Sri Indar Nath

A Philosophy of Yoga - Sri Indar Nath explains the different asepcts of yoga, its Gurus and teachers, the laws of Karmas (Action/Reaction) and valuable advice on how to keep the body healthy and responsive by the use of Yoga. As Indar Ji says: "Yoga, as many of us misunderstand it, is not a religion. It is a way of life, which can be applied, to any religion in any society. It is a science as well as an art".


A Tribute to Sir George Trevelyan

Author and philosopher, Sir George Trevelyan
was one of the great visionaries of the 20th century - in this video he talks of his life, his vision of an Aquarian age and how each of us can undertake our own exploration into God. On leaving a promising teaching career at Gordonstoun, he was drawn to pioneer a new concept of adult education at Attingham Park, in Shropshire, a centre which quickly became the focus of a holistic movement, bringing together philosophers, artists, scientists and many others from all over Europe and beyond. We explore with Sir George the mystical path that led him from being an agnostic into becoming one of our leading visionaries of our time.

Yoga for Life

Janis Moore demonstrates posture and relaxation techniques, in a two-part Yoga practice video designed to revitalise the mind and body. Regular Yoga routines can lead to improved health and greater peace of mind. Follow Janis, who has taught Yoga for 25 years, in the privacy of your own home and at your leisure. In the first part we join her in a peaceful sunny garden and for the second session we are indoors.